Models-Based Practice (MBP) is an innovative approach to the teaching and learning of Physical Education (PE) and other physical activity contexts for improved accommodations of learner needs across learning domains (e.g., affective, cognitive, psychomotor).

MBP has been advocated as a possible path toward meaningful change in PE both as a teaching approach and as a form of curriculum development1. It could be considered an umbrella term for approaching teaching and learning through the implementation of multiple pedagogical models across a school year or program2. The MBP approach is founded on the principle of placing learners’ needs at the centre of all pedagogical decisions.

There are a variety of curriculum models for teaching physical education. We have provided a description for some of these models below:

Coming soon! An Introduction to Models-Based Practice e-learning will provide an overview of MBP and pedagogical models, as well as provide tips for how to implement it in your programming.